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Tokyo Entertainment

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The limited amount of space in Tokyo has not limited the number of entertainment spots within the City. Travelers seldom have difficulty finding a way to be entertained while they are staying in Tokyo.

Tokyo Sumo Wrestling Tournament

Some of the entertainment spots feature Japanese actors, performing drama that harks back to the traditional Japanese theater. The National No Theater in the Shibuya-ku neighborhood offers such entertainment. The spot named Kambuki-za, a spot located in another Tokyo neighborhood, also features actors doing traditional performances.

The Bunkamura Theater Cocoon in the Shibuya-ku neighborhood has the ability to please both those who love theater and those who prefer to watch a movie. The Cocoon contains both a theater for live performances and a cinema. In the Yebiso Garden Cinema all of the drama appears on a large silver screen.

A tourist spending his or her first night in Tokyo should know the Japanese definition for the word “karaoke.” For the Japanese, that word does not describe a way to sing and “make a fool of oneself” before a large group of people. It is an entertainment spot, a combination restaurant and pub.

Tokyo contains havens for those who favor karaoke. It also contains other, more westernized entertainment spots. Sugarakuro offers its guests the enjoyment of a DJ and a disco. The spot in Minato, the spot named Blue Note, has live music. Its musicians play both jazz and blues.

A visitor in Tokyo should know that even a stop-off at a bar can be an eye-opening experience. Some of the bars in Tokyo are considered specialty bars. One such bar is Agare in the Minato neighborhood. That entertainment spot has more than special entertainment; it also has themed entertainment.

Adults with children often search for ways to keep young ones happy and entertained. Tokyo has locations that are filled with entertainment for children. Tokyo is home to both a Tokyo Disneyland and a Tokyo DisneySea.


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