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Tokyo museums

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National Museum of Western Art
The National Museum of Western Art combines an impressive permanent art collection with a variety of specialist or themed showings of art featuring prolific artists or artistic styles throughout the year. The permanent collection includes pieces from such prominent artists as Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Picasso and Pollock, and is widely believed to be the most complete collection of western art to be found in Japan, although it is rumoured that one particular private collection holds more value.

As well as running themed exhibitions, the gallery also hosts several symposiums and series of lectures each year. Due to the fact that the opening times of the museum change depending upon which events are currently taking place, it is very highly advised that visitors telephone and check the actual opening times in advance, the main building is open daily however the tertiary buildings and event orientated galleries may not be open at normal times. 7-7 Ueno-koen Taito 110-0007 Japan Telephone: 03 3828 5131

John Lennon Museum
This is a very specialised museum which was opened on the 9 th of October in 2000, which would have been John Lennon's 60 th birthday. The museum is a tribute to the life and works of this famous personality, most well known for the time he spent with The Beetles, but also renowned as an artists and peace campaigner. Visitors are guided through a whole set of themed exhibits which begins with an introductory video which lays out the life of John Lennon, before the visitors move into the museum proper.

The museum is made up of nine separate zones, which display a wealth of exhibits, many of which we donated by Yoko Ono from her own private collection. The museum also features a peaceful lounge, where visitors are encouraged to relax in the Lennon spirit. The interestingly named Final Room is decorated in pure white, with 29 of John Lennon's message spread around the walls, taken from his art and lyrics. 8 Shintoshin Chuo 330-9109 Japan, Telephone: 048-601-0009

National Science Museum
The National Science museum was first established in 1871 by the Ministry of Education. The museum is split into two primary areas which contain a wide range of exhibits; additionally there are two excellent outdoor attractions. The new Shinkan building houses a collection of archaeological exhibits, including several full prehistoric dinosaur skeletons such as a Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex. On the first floor can be found a display entitled “Ocean's Diversity”, which is a full rendition of an aquatic ecosystem made from plaster of Paris.

On the second floor is a wide variety of interactive exhibits designed instil knowledge through experience. On the third floor can be found a recreation of natural woodland, including many stuffed animals that are easily accessible for children to view and touch. In the Honkan building can be found a much more traditional set of exhibits, a more normal style of museum, of far more interest to history lovers. Outside can be found a full life-size model of a blue whale, which is a firm favourite with children, and a fully restored steam locomotive. Ueno Park Taito Japan, Telephone: 03-3822-0111

The Iceberg / Audi Forum
This impressive structure christened “The Iceberg” is a seven story high building which was designed by Creative Designers International. The structure is almost entirely made of glass, including the external elevator. Additionally, three separate hues of glass are used out toward the edges of the building, designed to give the effect of viewing a huge crystal. Contained within The Iceberg on the first two flows is the Tokyo Audi Forums, which is set up to allow visitors to explore every facet of the Audi brand, including displays of all the latest Audi models along with prototype vehicles and experimental technology undergoing development in Audi laboratories around the world. 6-12-18 Jingumae Shibuya Japan Telephone: 81-3-5464-7200

Kobayashi Doll Museum
6-31-2 Yahiro, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
(03 3612 1644)

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
1-13-3 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
(03 3280 0031)

Tokyo National Museum
13-9 Ueno Koen , Taito-ku , Tokyo
(03 3822 1111)

Transportation Museum
1-25 Kanda Sudacho , Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo
(03 3251 848)


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